Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm not going to beat around the bush here.

I'm hungry.

I had breakfast, and I'm hungry. Heck, I even had a snack. And. I'm. Hungry. I want my lunch, and I want it now. But lunch isn't for another hour and fifteen minutes at least.

Here's the thing...normally my food intake goes: lunch, supper, snack. I didn't really get hungry then. Now, though? I'm hungry. I guess I'll just assume it's my metabolism waking up and actually doing it's job.

You mean that there could be fat melting away right now? Awesome.

We're going to work out this afternoon. It will be the first time since some time last summer that I've worked out in a gym. Am I scared? A little. This shirt is shorter than my liking and I really don't want my belly hanging out.

P.S. - I got on the scale last night and almost walked out in to the traffic to play. Encouraging, right? That's ok...I didn't and I'm still here.

Are we really ever shocked by our weight? When I stepped on the scales, it was about 10% shock, 60% shame, and 30% extreme sadness. How does someone let this happen to themselves? Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable divulging my starting weight...but it ain't today, kid.

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