Sunday, July 31, 2011

An out of control heart

Earlier this week, Wednesday to be exact, my heart start skipping beats insanely that morning. I used to have this issue and this particular moment, it was really bad. I freaked out, which only made it worse. Finally about 10 am, it calmed down and got back to normal...but it's been doing it off and on since then. Usually it's worse when I'm stressed. Bah.

I cheated twice this week, and I regretted it afterwords. Like...totally and completely regretted it. I think one cheat a week is ok...but the second was done so that we didn't have to fix supper and there just weren't great eating options....I could have fixed that by having a slow carb later, I suppose. This is a learning process.

I can't WAIT to get our food plan in so we can really get started. We've spent the week eating balanced meals, this week I'm going to work on lowering our portions a little bit. I'm having a problem eating breakfast. I used to only eat breakfast on the weekends, and it was always something very breakfasty. Now I'm trying to force down eggs and grapenuts. I got some Dollar General cheerios the other day and they were mega nasty. I put Splenda on them and they had SOME flavor. On the program, I'll be able to eat like a couple of little sausage links, eggs, and fruit...which I could do. My ears and sinuses have been all wonky for a long time so my taste buds are a little dull. It takes something really flavorful for me to be able to taste it.

Please pray that my heart stays normal. :)

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