Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FoodLovers Fat Loss

It's no secret that I love food. None. I don't hide it. Ever. I love food. I love different flavors. I love salty. I love savory. I love sweet. I love sour. I love to love food. I love trying different places. I love trying different genres. I love food. I love it. I do. Get the point?

Low calorie, calorie counting, point counting diets don't work for me. I do good for about 3-4 days then I start to feel the walls closing in. I started breathing heavily and feel trapped...the sweats...the chills...the shakes...I need...a burger! And I eat one...then I'll have one the next day and maybe the next day, and I've ruined my "diet".

I also tried making "lifestyle" changes several times. I think the problem was that I changed too much too fast. I went from someone who ate what they want and was decently sedentary to someone who ate hardly anything and exercised 4 times a week. It may have worked for you, but it didn't for me. It takes two weeks to develop a habit...and I was always overwhelmed after a few days. In a controlled environment like The Biggest Loser, maybe you CAN change all at once...but I couldn't.

I always thought there was something wrong with me...

About 2 weeks ago, I was watching Food Network while the infomercials were still on. There was an infomercial on for The Food Lovers Fat Loss System. Normally I don't even pay attention to weight loss programs, but this one caught my eye. It claimed that you could still eat the things you love, you just have to do them in the right proportions to everything else. I was timid about it at first, but I did about an hours worth of internet research and found some great reviews on it.

As soon as I get my scales in, we are going to start this program. There's no gimmick, it's all about balancing fast carbs, slow carbs, and protein. I'm SO excited to maybe have finally found something that will REALLY work for me!

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