Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My cheatin' belly...

So. I had my breakfast this morning...1 cup of banana nut Cheerios with 1 cup of 2% milk and 1 carton of yogurt and a glass of milk. Milk is my non-negotiable. You can have my right arm before you take my milk away. If left to my own devices...I can drink a gallon in a day, but since we started eating real food, I only drink maybe 20 oz tops. If you think I shouldn't be drinking it, that's fine. You can tell me, but I won't listen. Milk is in my veeeeins!

Lunch was a small piece of pork loin, mashed sweet potatoes, apple stuffing, and green grapes with water. Yummy!

Supper was going to be left over spaghetti made with whole wheat noodles and green beans. But then....I was watching Iron Chef...and he was making...sushi. Oh man that started the craving train. We don't have a Japanese place here that does sushi, but we do have a Chinese buffet that has a small selection of what I like to call "make-do sushi." I gave in to the temptation and decided that tonight would be our cheat night.

I had:

2 small fake fried crab sticks
steamed rice with soy sauce
honey chicken (fried)
4 pieces of sushi
1 cup of egg drop soup

I felt like the dirty mistress when I left. I felt greasy and tired. It sure was good, though. We also gave ourselves a one plate limit.

Now...I believe in a cheat about once a week for a few reasons.

1. If I'm told I can't have it, I'm going to want it 100x more.
2. It gives me a break from cooking 7 nights a week.
3. It reminds me that I don't WANT to do that all the time anymore.

So, I will continue to have my cheat nights as long as I don't go overboard. I figured out that the pork loin meal we had came down to $2.42 per person per meal, and it fed us each 3 times! That's 6 meals for only $2.42!! That's motivation enough to stay in and cook. Now if I can only get the hubby in the kitchen more than one night a week...

Something kinda cool happened today. I was at work talking to the morning girls and told them what we had for supper last night...Rosemary Pork loin; stuffing made with a box mix and then added wheat bread, apples, and apple sauce; strawberries and grapes, and mashed sweet potatoes. Dorothy looks at me and says, "DANG! And where is our invitation?!" I giggled a little. It's just real food. It's real good real food, and it's so easy. Why haven't I been doing this all along?

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