Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One thing that has given me hope while reading Stephanie's blog is that she lost 90 pounds in a year without ever stepping foot in a gym.

In the past, "losing weight" meant a combination of dieting and exercise that I had never done before. It was major change all at once. It was all or nothing. Go big or go home. So...more often than not, I ended up going home. It was too much for me to change those two large areas of my life all at once. I just couldn't handle it. It's enough to know that you are on a journey to do a complete remodel of be losing your identity...but changing everything you know was a pretty big hit.

I'm not giving myself an excuse to not go to the gym. My dad just bought me and my husband a membership and I fully plan to use it, but it's nice to know that I DON'T have to change everything all at once. It's nice to know that those people that tell me that DON'T know everything like they think they do. It's nice to know that I'm NOT the failure that I thought I was because it was too much for me.

It gives me hope.

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  1. It makes me sad that others made you feel like that. It really sucks, but I know that we both can do this, along with so many others on the same journey! Brett and I are both trying to tweak and work on what and how much we eat . . . granted, he did NOT help matters by bringing home handmade chocolates *grr*, but, if that is the only bad thing we have this week, then it's not so bad.

    Everything in moderation, even exercise! I think once we get a realistic grip on our eating, we will then push forward into a little bit of exercise a couple of time a week, and then go from there. I just know that I think you're going about this in the completely correct way! Better to start with a few small changes than a couple of big changes. Habit stick better that way :)